Blended to elevate your mood

Our perfumes are masterfully blended to elevate your mood using aromas linked to emotions we crave.

Clean, vegan & cruelty-free

Our fragrances meet the strictest definition of clean beauty and only use EU-compliant ingredients.

Fragrance transparency

We proudly disclose our fragrance ingredients – a mix of botanical extracts and safe synthetics.

Woman-owned & independent

Founder Cristina created Emmotiv to share the pleasure of using scent as an indulgent tool for well-being.

Welcome to Emmotiv.

We amplify the beauty of human emotion through the art of scent.

Our indulgent, expressive fine fragrances are thoughtfully crafted to elevate your mood.

Each Eau de Parfum in our collection fuses aromas linked to emotions we crave to nourish your well-being and refresh your intentions.

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